Financial investment scam phone call #1

I got phone call from +62 813 3684 7945, the caller is women,  she said she have financial investment that hope me can come to meet her just for 15 minute. I forgot to ask her where she got my phone number,  anyways I said I can randomly put random visit in my schedule,  so I ask her to send the information to email,  but she still try want me to meet up with her. 

So,  I use same statment,  “just send me the information,  I want to learn about it first”,  dunno is she feel I can’t be pushed so she said she gonna send the information using what up app,  so I wait, after 10 days past,  still no information she give.

If you got same experienced like this,  made sure aware,  everything is related with money can made you greed,  forgot to think and more worse made wrong decision. Be careful.


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